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How to get the data clean and keep it clean?


Having data quality problems in a large enterprise system might cost your company a lot of money. To alleviate problems with data quality, TaskData offers Data Quality services that can help you:

  • Proactively monitor and cleanse the data for all applications and keep it clean
  • Enable the business to share in the responsibility of data quality and data governance
  • Achieve better business results with the enterprise data that you can trust
  • Access any data source, anywhere, and deploy centralized data quality rules to improve data quality across all applications

Having implemented Data Quality services in your enterprise system you will get:

  • Data profiling - initially assessing the data to understand its quality challenges.
  • Data standardization - a business rules engine that ensures that data conforms to quality rules. It is also possible to auto-correct the variations based on pre-defined business rules.
  • Address standardization is applied to name and address data, corrects data to US and worldwide postal standards.
  • Matching or Linking - similar but slightly different records can be linked via matching rules. Matching may use 'fuzzy logic' to find duplicates in the data. For example, it often recognizes that 'Bob' and 'Robert' may be the same individual. It is also able to manage 'householding' or finding links between husband and wife at the same address.
  • Best version of truth -  taking the best components from multiple data sources and building a single 'golden' record.
  • Monitoring - keeping track of data quality over time and reporting variations in the quality of data.
  • Batch and Real time - Once the data is initially cleansed (batch), it is also possible to build the processes into enterprise applications to keep the data clean.


We can also offer you a combination of Data Quality services and MDM services for your enterprise system.