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What is Informatica MDM?

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Need a single version of truth in your data?

Large enterprises usually have multiple heterogeneous applications, each producing and maintaining huge amounts of data that often describes different aspects of the same business critical information such as customers, suppliers, products and materials.  The data often has a lot of issues preventing organizations from leveraging it across all functional departments and analytic systems. Another pretty common issue is data availability – it is hard to get data when and where it is needed. MDM solutions enable organizations to build a single view of high-quality reference data across the whole enterprise and share it across all the departments.


It is a known fact that MDM deployment takes significant time and its success depends on many factors such as the level of business involvement into the process, implementation methodology, proper architecture, complexity of the enterprise ecosystem, chosen MDM vendor and of course people who bring all these items together into a solid and extensible solution.

The TaskData team has a solid experience in building solutions based on products from the leading vendors such as Unidata, Informatica and Oracle. To ensure success for our customers, we offer deep product customizations in such areas as:

  • Customization of applications with the help of complex user exits applied to database processing logic
  • Development of custom cleanse functions
  • Composite services
  • Fine-tuning of match and merge process
  • Configuring standard components for business UI or building custom WEB 2.0 applications on top of the API layer

TaskData can help you build an MDM solution that will unite in itself the best in the world technologies for data unification, standardization and enrichment. We do have the unique experience with bringing all the best technologies together. We offer a variety of services depending on particular business needs, starting from the design of MDM architecture and ending with the complete MDM solution integrating all the parts of your ecosystem:


  • Design an MDM architecture specific to the existing application and actual business needs
  • Design Data Integration Solution
    • Establish Sourcing Process
    • Create Data Transformations
    • Configure Data Cleansing process
  • Model your data
    • Understand your data - profile your data, identify the data model structure that meets your functional requirements
    • Optimize the model to achieve optimal performance
    • Create a data model for any domain (Finance and Banking, Retail, Healthcare and many others)
  • Set up Data Governance
    • Configure a data governance application in accordance with your business process. Take care of Security settings, Workflows, Event processing
    • Enable hierarchical data management to work with
    • Design the structure of an organization using various types of relational data, for example, products and product line dependencies, financial instruments relationships, etc.
    • Enable data versioning
  • Enable Analytics
    • Data quality and structure
    • Data governance activities
    • Custom metrics
  • Build Information Services
    • Embed MDM into your existing infrastructure
    • Create new interfaces for data access