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Taskdata wishes Merry Christmas!

Taskdata heartily congratulates colleagues, partners and customers with Christmas! We wish you prosperity, health, love, harmony and great joy! Let everything that you make on this festive night come true. See you in 2020!


Taskdata at Vaud International Business Awards (PVEI)

Taskdata representative took part in at the 6th Vaud International Business Awards (PVEI) in Switzerland. Awarded jointly by the Department of Economy, Innovation and Sport (DEIS), the CVCI and DEV, this prize recognizes companies operating in the canton and extending beyond its borders. The ceremony took place on November 21 at IMD, in front of some 350 guests.


TaskData takes part in Smart Digit project

TaskData takes part in development, implementation and operation of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications based on the Predix Platform offered by GE. We take on the development of foundational components of the system top down from formalizing the business goals through framing the technical architecture and to the implementation. We're running series of RnD proof of concept workshops applying modern data streaming and distributed computing technologies to fulfil the requirements.


TaskData has became a strategic partner with GE

In 2019 TaskData has became a strategic partner with GE with respect to providing expert services and guidance on evolving the GE-wide corporate system for handling customer data, support KYC and risk assessment processes. Currently the solution is undergoing a full technological and architecture overhaul which is meant to bring the solution to a level of modernly built system, adding the business value and streamlining the development processes.


TaskData kicked off the project with RDC

In 2019 TaskData kicked off the project with RDC (a US-based regulatory and compliance services company) to do a complete system architecture review, perform technology upgrades, optimize licensing costs, improve existing and develop new data science and ML analytical frameworks to support the core business functions.


TaskData is partnering with DataSynthes

TaskData is partnering with DataSynthes (a US-based company) in FinTech industry utilizing the modern data streaming, AI, ML, graph models and natural language processing technologies to create a next-gen Data Governance and Master Data Management platform, capable of processing unstructured sources and vast amounts of data to provide intelligence to the financial institutions and investment companies with up-to-date tooling to carry out their business tasks. The system is a multi-tenant cloud-based dynamically scalable environment rapidly growing in functions and areas of application.


Taskdata at the conference in Amsterdam

Taskdata took part in the Master Data Management: Digitalization, DQ & RPA conference, which was held from 5th to 8th February 2019 in Amsterdam (Netherlands). We discussed the experience of major deployments in Europe with our current and potential customers. Maersk made a presentation on the successful implementation of MDM. Taskdata was and remains part of the team that helps Maersk implement and maintain MDM.


TaskData opened an office in Switzerland

TaskData is pleased to announce the opening of the office in Switzerland. Opening a new office will help to respond to the challenges of the industry even more flexibly and quickly. We are waiting for you at the following address: Switzerland, Lausanne, Rue de la Mercerie 12 - 1003.


TaskData helps Maersk Line with the transition to Informatica 10.2

In 2018 TaskData continues its long-term cooperation with Maersk Line (Denmark). Until the end of the summer TaskData will transition the counterparties management system to a new Informatica 10.2 release. This includes, in particular, the development of an updated user interface which will drastically increase the effectiveness of interaction with the platform.


TaskData began cooperation with the pharmaceutical giant Roche

TaskData together with our partner, the German company AN Info Systems GmbH started cooperation with Roche (Switzerland), one of the leading players in the pharmaceutical market of the world. The main task now is to help Roche with the support of MDM Material Master management system. We thank our German and Swiss partners for their trust!


TaskData at the Minds + Machines international conference in San Francisco

TaskData Chief architect Alexey Tsyryulnikov and his colleague Ilya Podoprigora took part in the Minds + Machines conference from GE that was held in San Francisco on October 25-26th, 2017. The event was traditionally devoted to the state of the industrial Internet and the value of Big Data. Colleagues made a report about our extensive experience with GE Predix. We were glad to see our colleagues. Until next time!


TaskData received a new status in partnership with GE

In 2016 TaskData joined GE Digital Alliance Program and became an official member of GE Digital Ecosystem. Now, a year passed, GE have tallied up our Partner Contribution Score (PCS) for the last 12 months and, based on TaskData continued contribution to the GE Digital Alliance Program, we’ve earned a promotion to GE Certified Tier. This event once again confirms the high level of TaskData competence. We thank our American partners for their trust!


TaskData at "Internet of Things 2017: New Horizons" conference

TaskData took an active part in the conference "Internet of Things 2017: New Horizons" organized by CNews on May 30, 2017 in Moscow, in the conference hall of the hotel "Golden Ring". TaskData technical director Vladislav Kamensky delivered an interesting report in which he spoke about the problems of the Internet of things in general and gave some very scathing examples of its use, telling about the experience of implementing the most advanced world technologies by the Russian company. Thank you all for your participation. See you next time!


TaskData company will take part in the "Internet of Things: New Horizons" conference on 30th of May 2017.

Organizer - CNews. The event will take place at the Golden Ring Hotel in Moscow. Main topics are as following: Internet of things world market trends, key projects, Russian and foreign experience, practical cases, the level of development of the Industrial Internet of things, main prospects for the future and much more. Technical Director of TaskData Vladislav Kamensky will make a presentation on the topic "Industrial Internet of Things: The experience of introducing world technologies by Russian company». He will give an in-depth information regarding vast practical experience in this field. See you at the conference!




Taskdata attended the third annual conference Minds + Machines 2016 held in San Francisco

TaskData became a member of the third annual conference Minds + Machines 2016 - GE’s premier Industrial Internet event dedicated to software, innovation, and the most powerful digital industrial outcomes. The operating system GE's Predix, that supports the industrial Internet, will be available to any organization. This will allow industrial enterprises to create their own applications and shape the providers ecosystem of the industrial Internet software.

About Mins + Machines 2016


TaskData completed the implementation of a prototype of data management platform "Informatica Product 360" in the M.video

The system should be a central products repository for future universal trading online platform of M.video. It is the first time in Russia when all the advantages of the various online trading formats will be united: will take over not only the presentation of the goods, price comparison and offers from different vendors through one basket, and also key service issues (payment, total delivery, the ability to self-delivery of goods from different vendors , common comfortable conditions for the return and exchange of goods).


TaskData has started direct cooperation with Ecolab company

TaskData and Ecolab company (USA, MN, St.Paul) signed up a working agreement, where stated that TaskData will provide support for reference data management system in the year of 2016.


TaskData joined GE Digital Alliance Program and participated in the first ever Predix Transform Developer Conference in Las Vegas July 25 – July 27!

TaskData now is a official member of Alliance Partner Program in a GE Digital ecosystem. In the weeks ahead GE Digital will launch central GE Digital Alliance Community Portal.GE Digital

Predix Transform is the first-ever Industrial Internet Conference for developers. As the world’s first industrial operating system and platform, Predix powers the modern digital industrial businesses that drive the global economy. Predix, the Industrial IoT Platform from GE Digital recently became an official Cloud Foundry certified platform.

Want more Predix? About Predix Transform 2016

Unified procurement system introduction project for UIMC

TaskData have started started to work on Unidata platform implementation in order to create a unified procurement system for United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC). The project will create a reference data management system on the example of the task layout of conducting the centralized suppliers registry that are involved in the process of UIMC procurement.


Moving to a second opened office in Saint-Petersburg

TaskData moved to a new opened office because the company expansion outgrew the capabilities of the old placement. At present time TaskData employees work in a modern and spacious office decorated in the Loft style, witch is located on the fifth floor of the B+ class «Red Cadet» business center at the address: St. Petersburg, Krasnogo Kursanta st., 25, litera ZH.


TaskData helps Maersk Line with the transition to Informatica 10 platform

In 2016, TaskData continues direct cooperation with the Maersk Line company (Denmark, Copenhagen). During the first half of the year TaskData is going to carry out the transition of the counterparties management system on a new Informatica 10 release. A conceptually new interface based on modern technologies will be developed by TaskData specialists within this transition. This new interface will completely replace an outdated layer interaction.


The successful implementation of system improvements for MegaFon

TaskData has successfully finished the implementation of improvements to a specialized solution for the Moscow branch of MegaFon public company. The solution is based on the Data Quality product from Informatica company and completed by TaskData developments.


Сompleted project: «Configuration and adaptation of the Unidata platform within the framework of the project «Automated complex of NSI ASOUP-3»

TaskData has successfully finished the implementation of improvements to a specialized solution for the Moscow branch of MegaFon, public company. The solution is based on the "Data Quality" product from "Informatica" company and completed by the developments of TaskData.


TaskData is now involved into design work with Maersk Line

TaskData and Maersk Line (Denmark, Copenhagen) signed up a working agreement, where stated that TaskData will create a detailed audit and design so that Maersk could upgrade from old version of Informatica up to 10.0 release.


TaskData has started to do MDM services for General Electric company

TaskData and General Electric Company (USA, CT, Fairfield) signed up a working agreement, where stated that TaskData will provide various MDM services to help GE to enable modern MDM solutions throughout end of the year 2015.


TaskData successfully implemented a new solution for Megafon

TaskData has successfully implemented a new solution for Megafon. The solution is based on Informatica Data Quality product and custom UI development made by TaskData.


Citrix Drives Sales Pipeline and 20% Increase in Conversion Rates with Informatica MDM

TaskData helped with a first production deployment of Informatica’s MDM platform for Citrix. Citrix provides server, application and desktop virtualization, networking, software-as-a-service, and cloud computing technologies.


TaskData joined Informatica Day in Moscow

TaskData joined Informatica Day in Moscow. TaskData's Managing Director - Sergey Kuznetsov - gave a presentation about Audit projects that TaskData had throughout 2014 in a big telecom company.

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TaskData team has been certified by Informatica as service partners for the Product Information Management (PIM)

A few members of TaskData team have taken one-week training session in Stuttgart, Germany and have been officially certified by Informatica as service partners for the Product Information Management (PIM).

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TaskData manages delivery of Informatica MDM 9.5 production release

Together, TaskData and Strevus teams have completed a first production deployment of Informatica’s MDM and IDD 9.5 platform for one of the largest companies in USA specialized in energy, finance, aviation, etc.

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News from Retail forum in Moscow

See new videos from Retail forum where TaskData has given a presentation about MDM in Retail industry

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TaskData becomes Cloudera Connect Partner

Starting December 10, 2012 TaskData has become an official partner in the Cloudera Connect program. The Cloudera Connect Partner Program is designed to champion partner advancement and solution development for the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

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TaskData announces Composite Service Framework for Informatica MDM

TaskData offers now Composite Service Framework based on product from the MDM leading vendor -- Informatica. TaskData can help you build an MDM solution uniquely suitable for your business and integrate it with your enterprise systems.

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