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TaskData offers Master Data Management services.

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Solutions for Retail Industries


Retail is a very dynamic and competitive business.  Retailers are always aimed on reducing operation costs as much and as fast as possible. Also sometimes losses caused by using incomplete or incorrect data could be crucial. TaskData solutions for retail industry are focused on building unified product management and classification platform within an organization, setting up reliable processes for supplier data management.

Our solutions allow to:
- Reduce operational costs by optimizing business processes, building proper data management workflow and reducing rework
- Minimize risks of infrastructure clinch for companies having fast growing structure
- Maximize positive effect of modern ERP and BI systems implementation

Here are the key facts about Retail industry we learned to make our solution successful:
- Data access point could be anywhere, most of our client has country or wouldwide presence
- Extremely heterogeneous IT infrastructure, caused by regular acquisitions
- A lot of old and unsupported data systems in use

We are happy to face these kinds of problems, since we know how to deal them:
- Modern industry standards
- Flexible approach and experience in custom components development for industry leading platforms
- Latest and proven IT-architecture approaches
- Expert knowledge in ETL, Data Quality and MDM platforms

Breaking news: TaksData successfully released Informatica MDM based solution as a part of “Unified Platform” initiative in one of the largest retail networks in US, which operates more than 2400 supermarkets and supplies over 1900 independent shops.
We were able to build several key blocks such as unified data repository for product and counterparty data, unified data access interfaces and data quality control and transaction validation framework.