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TaskData offers Master Data Management services.

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Solutions for banks and investment companies

Information could be a key competitive advantage for an investment company only if you trust your data, which should be complete, cleansed and validated, even manually if needed.

TaskData develops master data management solutions for financial industry based exactly on these assumptions. Our solutions are built to make information complete and reliable, but also to dramatically reduce operational cost by setting up automated and formalized data maintenance processes.

TaskData services are focused on improving two main areas – security and party data management (issuers and counterpaties)

Security Master allows to combine information regarding investment vehicles from internal and external sources (such as Bloomberg and Reuters datafeeds) in a single store and provide unified data access interfaces, resolve identifiers from multiple systems, exchanges and agencies. More over, introducing centralized data hub, data cleanup and validation flows, usually results not only in data quality growth, but also in process improvements in departments supporting existing information systems.

Party Master could solve many problems typical for all enterprises, but especially for financial sector this kind of solutions is extremely helpful for reliable market or industry exposure reporting.   Mastered party catalog could supply BI systems with clean, complete, de-duplicated information on companies, enriched by relationship data.
Our solutions are also a base for compliance reporting and management processes. Government initiatives such as FATCA are making party information management within organization more and more important overall business stability and success.