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TaskData offers Master Data Management services.

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Solutions for Logistics and Transportation


Shipment scheduling is a complicated process, which requires coordination of multiple parties distributed across the world, and definitely requires an efficient information exchange. Thus logistics industry has very special requirements on consistency and completeness of data coming from different sources.

Our clients have to manage heterogeneous information, such as counterparty data (suppliers, contractors, receivers), regulations, including customs, locations and facilities (ports, airports, terminals, warehouses), transportation vehicles, packaging. Not to mention that information about relationships between all those objects is also quite important.


Obtaining acceptable level of consistency is hardly achievable when following a decentralized data management approach, each legacy system usually handles only a particular data segment and doesn't offer enough functionality to control and improve the data quality in general. Such an understanding helped TaskData to integrate centralized master data management solution for largest logistics and transportation companies, focusing control over data quality and establishing data maintenance processes and methodologies specific for the industry.


Unified storage for master data across all domains, in couple with relationship management functionality and custom user interfaces allows reducing operational cost and minimize expenses caused by mistakes caused by low data quality in daily operations and long-term strategic planning.


In 2013 TaskData helped to integrate and customize an MDM solution for Maersk Line, department of world's largest container ship operator. We implemented supplier and location/facilities master catalogs, setup data management process based on modern business process management engine (BPM) and automated real-time data validation framework.