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Resource & Service Performance Management solution

Resource & Service Performance Management solution

Improving customer experience requires better telecom performance management via effective network metric processing and monitoring. RSPM is an automated, comprehensive analysis and reporting tool designed for multi-vendor and multi-technology resources and service quality management. The performance management automation product allows big data to be processed through Hadoop integration.


The solution has following capabilities:

Landing - raw data acquisition and storing

Staging - Parsing and cleansing

Reference data management including KPI definitions

KPI realtime evaluation engine

Operational and analytical reporting

Direct access to raw data with SQL-like queries

Administration capabilities


Internally it supports a number heterogenious data sources, starting from classical RDBMS, File systems and HDFS.

Next the solution uses HBase for operational reporting and Hive for analyical one.

The RSPM system is a streaming solution that supports horizontal scaling out of the box. All inter-component communication is asynchrounious via Kafka queues.