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In nowadays the telecommunications industry is undergoing major changes: self-contained units, which provides basic services sales and provision (fixed and mobile telephony, broadband access, IP telephony, digital TV), seek together to understand who their customers are, how they are coupled, what content they are interested in how to effectively form a package for them and increase sales.


TaskData modular solution aims to eliminate master data management problems in the enterprise telecommunications industry and build a solid base for the modern IT infrastructure development. The solution consists of three highly integrated module, however, the introduction of each module will be no less effective in solving tactical problems.


1. The single directory for service, tariffs, tariff options and partnership proposals.


2. The single directory for address and geographical information.


3. The single client directory.


Architecture and solution implementation methodology are based on a TaskaData professionals wide experience, that were involved in the master data management solutions construction in the world's largest companies. TaskData experts are well known in Russian companies, where they carried out the adress directory implementation. Also they have started implementing solutions of the tariff options rules control in the company "Megaphone". This component will soon go into production.