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Data base migration

Skillfully executed migration to a modern storage system will help to avoid many risks of further proprietary software maintenance, to optimize the support cost and create a solid foundation for the further development!



At present time public corporations and government structures have a lot of systems, which are built on top of legacy RDBMS such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Teradata and others. The use of databases involves a number of problems: legacy RDBMS do not fit well into the ever-growing datasets, that everybody has to process in nowdays, such solutions are either not-scalable at all or the scale price is unacceptable, total cost of these systems becomes enormous.

TaskData Projects

Base Migration

Data management system transferring from IBM DB2 to MongoDB plus moving business logic from PL/SQL to Java.

Company Experience

TaskData employees have been working for a long time one the industrial enterprise storage system design, implementation and support in the world's largest corporations and they have repeatedly faced with the necessity of a storage migration from one storage system to an alternative. 5-10 years back it was popular to move from commercial RDBMS to the open-source solutions, such as PostgreSQL or MariaDB. We are as an data-oriented company were supporting these initiatives from the very beginning. In nowdays the trend has changed and most of the customers are moving to NoSQL solutions and TaskData experts aready have solid experience in such projects.

Project of the Data Migration from the Oracle database legacy system used for analytical purposes into the modern GreenPlum DB

TaskData offers

As part of the migration project TaskData offers a complete cycle of the analysis, development of technical solutions, implementation of the chosen approach and quality control.

During the migration our experts follow mature and proven methodology that includes several steps before the final decision development and data transfer. The core methodology components are:

- Technology monitoring.

- DB technology assesement. Our experts research market trends and try the most promising technologies within our lab

- There is a solid set of criterias used for technology evaluation

- Detailed technical analysis and POCes

- Technical audit

- A number of consulting assets representing algorithm for reverse engineering of legacy enterprise systems

- Disovery of bottlenecks and potential issues of data migration based on specifics of particular legacy storage, our own experience and functional requirements

- Recommendations

- The choice of optimal technolgy, the migration strategy and target DB specifics

- Suggestion of target technical architecture

- Hardware sizing