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GE Predix Platform is the foundation for digital industrial applications. Develop, deploy, and operate industrial apps at the edge and in the cloud. Securely connect machines, data, and analytics to improve operational efficiency. The Predix platform offers a complete suite of integrated services that are optimized to enable businesses to quickly build operational and business applications. Independent third parties can also build apps and services on the platform, allowing businesses to extend capabilities easily by tapping into the industrial ecosystem.

TaskData experts started this journey long ago in 2014 when the platform was rising. It could be customized Predix application or integrating of existing systems or both, our IIOT experts will share with the platform experience to design and build intelligent applications for you.

Efficient Security for Sensitive Data.

Everybody likes to build pilots and POCsWhat happens when you start building real production quality application ?

Real applications deal with real data, such as People, companies, products, assets, etc.

Most time real data is sensitive – it needs to be protected. In the real world there is vast amount of regulations.

One of the most restricted sensitive data is Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It includes “social security numbers", “bank accounts",  “credit cards", etc.

It is essential for sensitive data to be securely stored and transferred between applications.

TaskData solution based on NIST Standards provides a way to protect PII data without breaking the existing data storage schemas and communication streams


PostgreSQL. Replication as a service.

The application allows setting up replication process from PosgreSQL Predix service to off-Predix environments, e.g. customer internal network. Another option is connect to Blob-store (S3 compatible Predix service).


Predix Accelerators

Set of small utils helping developers to build Predix applications faster and in a more effecient manner. They include:

- a number of applications to monitor and troubleshoot standard services, like Message Queues, Cache, Event hub, etc.

- optimized deployment scripts

- ready-to-reuse CI/CD pipelines

- much more